Placerville RV Resort & Campground
Rules & Regulations

Camping guidelines are in place for the comfort and safety of everyone

Please read and agree to be a good neighbor. Thank you!

Check-In: 2:00 pm
Check-Out: 11:00 am

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday 10 am – 8 pm
Friday & Saturday 10 am – 9 pm
Sunday 10 am – 7 pm

Quiet Hours:
10:00 pm – 9:00 am

Speed Limit: 10 MPH

Every individual and car on Placerville RV Resort property must be registered and have a car pass.

MAXIMUM SITE OCCUPANCY: A maximum of 4 adults or 6 people total.

VISITORS: All visitors for any amount of time must register, pay the visitors fee, have a parking pass, and park in the visitors parking area. Visitors are not allowed to park at your site unless specified otherwise. You are responsible for your visitors and their conduct. Visitor limits apply.

OBJECTIONABLE CONDUCT: Objectionable conduct of any kind or violation of any campground regulations, arguing with staff, fights, or drunken behavior, will result in termination of tenancy with no refund. In MOST instances we do not give a warning, we call the Sheriff immediately. If we have to call the Sheriff for any reason, you will be asked to leave.

PARKING: Only 1 vehicle per site unless specified otherwise. Extra vehicles must park in the visitor’s lot, not at your site. Every vehicle must have a pass. Please park on the gravel, not on the dirt, grass, or in empty sites.

PETS: No aggressive pets allowed. All dogs must be on a short lead at all times. Dogs should not be left to bark, howl, dig, or be left unattended for unreasonable amounts of time. There is a very large dog park for your dog’s pleasure. Please, clean up after your pets.

SWIMMING POOL: No pets, glass, diving, running, bikes, smoking, vaping, loud or inappropriate music. No children under 14 years old without adult supervision.

HOT TUB: No one under 5 years old allowed. No pool toys, jumping, wild playing, glass, no smoking, or poor conduct allowed.

FISHING ISLAND: You are only allowed to fish from the island. The island is closed after dark. You need a park fishing license and your own pole to fish. Catfish and small pan fish are catch & release only. Trout must be kept. Please be careful not to harm our frogs and turtles. Fishing hours are from store opening until dusk or whenever the store closes (whichever comes first). You must be 14 years or older to be on the island without an adult.

LAUNDRY ROOM: Please don’t leave your clothes unattended or staff will remove them.

PLAYGROUND: Children must have adult supervision. No playing before 9:00am or after sundown. No glass, smoking, vaping, pets, or bikes.

BIKES, SCOOTERS & HELMETS: State Law – No one under 16 is permitted to drive electric scooters. Helmets must be worn by all children under 18 years of age on all equipment with wheels. Some motorized equipment may not be allowed including electric motorcycles. Check at the office first. Stay on the roads at all times. Please don’t ride in-between sites, over banks, or on the grass. Please don’t park them in walkways, doorways, or in the middle of the road.

CAMPFIRES: No wood fires or wood grilling allowed. Propane is allowed. Charcoal or Duraflame logs ONLY in your pits or grills. No fires are allowed on the ground. We do have a limited number of loaner fire pits you can request. (Duraflame logs only allowed in them).

PETTING ZOO: Please do not go inside the pen. Please only feed the goats cut up apples, carrots, corn or tortilla chips, or grass. Contrary to what some may think, goats can choke, bloat, and get sick. Use caution when petting goats, any animal may bite.

TENTS: Tents are not allowed in RV Sites or Cabins. Portable shade structures with no attached floors that are not obtrusive to adjacent sites or roads may be used.

SITES: It is the guests’ responsibility to keep your site clean of trash and paper. Please do not do repairs, oil changes, or washing of vehicles or RVs on the campground.

AUDIO DEVICES: Campers’ audio devices need to be kept to a volume level that stays within the boundaries of your own site and is child appropriate or it will not be permitted. Please turn off outdoor audio devices or devices at quiet time.

GENERATORS: Sorry, no generators allowed.

EV CHARGING: Sorry, no EV charging allowed.

GROUPS: Anytime there are 3 or more families traveling together it is considered a group and must be reserved through our group coordinator, Cindy. Even if you plan to reserve individually, this will still be regarded as a group. Group reservations made online or over the phone without going through our group coordinator will be automatically canceled. Please, if you are traveling with more than 3 families total, make sure to email the group coordinator to prevent cancelations.

The reason we do groups ONLY via email is so that we can have one individual coordinate it all, receive and relay the rules, and track all the details from both parties. The reason we don’t allow groups to reserve individually is for many reasons, starting with the cancellation policy. If we have 8 parties reserve sites and cancel within the normal 48 hour cancellation policy, this will cause great loss to the campground. Instead, groups have a different cancellation policy. Another reason is that this ensures your groups site numbers get locked in and kept together, which we are unable to do with regular reservations. There are many more reasons but by reserving properly as a group this will be the best way for your needs to be met and keep everything nicely organized.

El Dorado Co. Chamber of Commerce
542 Main Street

Dial 911

El Dorado County Sheriff Dispatch – (530) 621-6600

(530) 424-4010

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your stay.